Finally a Wiki-girl… ;)

Let me come again with a better introduction… 🙂


Hi ! This is Anjali Sharma, an OPW intern for Wikimedia Foundation. I am working on ‘Wikidata Outreach’ initiative for Wikidata, a recent and promising project of Wikimedia Foundation, under  the mentorship of Lydia Pintscher.

Isn’t it thrilling! 😀

I have already entered into three months of awesomeness, with awesome people, awesome work and all the more awesome goals. Lately, I have been so engrossed with the excitement of selection and my OPW work,  that I forgot to blog about it completely. But, rest assured, I’ll take you along in this journey, as promised. Soon, I shall post about the story so far…… So Stay Tuned !! 😉

You can catch up on my weekly progress here. My IRC nick is discoveranjali. My OPW proposal can be glanced at here. I am working in collaboration with Helen Halbert, also an OPW intern for the ‘Wikidata Outreach’ project. Our trio (Me, Helen & Lydia) is splendid………..I’m sure we’ll work out some great stuff together.




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