Small insight into the Wikidata logo

Greetings everyone 🙂

When I first ran into Wikidata, I got curious to mine out the meaning of its logo ( such things always drive me 😉 ) So, just thought to write a bit about it for you.

The hunt for Wikidata logo dates back to June, 2012 around which the official announcements for designing it were published online :
Wikidata needs a logo and you can help !
Large scale participation was witnessed and some awesome results came out of artistic minds…Have a look at the logo proposals here. Aren’t they great ! 🙂

Voting by the Wikimedia community took place and we finally got our brand new Wikidata logo.

This logo was created by Arun Ganesh (User:Planemad) and received 89 of the nearly 1000 votes.  The logo actually spells ‘Wiki‘ in morse code. Noticed it ?

A formal explanation for this logo as given on the voting page :

Barcode: Ubiquitous and universal data graphic, Culture independent
Bars: Spells out ‘wiki’ in morse code. Language independent
Colors: belongs to WMF
Copy: ‘data’, the primary focus of wikidata
Font: Open Sans Regular

So that’s how this unique design went on to become the identity of Wikidata:
a free knowledge base with over 17 million items (as for now) that anyone can edit !


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