Dealing with Copyright issues…It’s huge !

Hello all, Hope you’re doing great ! 🙂 Copyright issues…this small phrase which in itself is a huge planet in the galaxy of the legal world, has already made a huge part into my Wiki life. So as promised, I am here to share my newbie experience dealing with them. As mentioned in my previous post, I worked on headers for Wikidata social profiles in the first week of my OPW internship. While I was in my ignorant bliss after submitting the final draft of headers prepared to my mentor Lydia, all set to see them published online, it turned out too early a wish. She introduced me to this new creature creeping into my work… Copyright issues ! Most of the headers I designed are sort-of picture-collages of Wikidata people and events. The idea of using such snapshots of whole activities going around Wikidata, drove me and tempted my mentor as well. But this meant that we had to look around the copyrights associated with each of the images used. I used around 17 images for these headers…sure! have a look :


So, at first I fetched out a list of online contacts for all associated copyright holders (around 11 of them) and sent each of them a friendly email seeking permission to use their respective works. Also, since in a collage, adding author attribution for each image might make it too messy, I asked if such use could be allowed without direct attribution on the header. As for now, I have already received acceptance from 8 of these awesome photographers; waiting for a reply from 3 more. Hope its positive. And if so, you shall soon see some of these headers on Wikidata profiles online… 🙂 Now that was not the end of the story ! Remember, I have a Social media calendar as well ? And quite a lot of the event entries there are assisted by images. Yes ! You guessed it right 🙂 ….look for copyrights and handle author attribution for each of them!  This has made my job of preparation of the calendar a bit more time-taking, but yes it definitely is a significant part of such endeavors. I am done with calendar for May-August,2014 and working on the events for September,2014. Anyways, if you ever get struck in a similar situation and copyrights temper you, I hope the sources which helped me could come to your rescue as well. Here are a few of them…

Surfed through a bunch more links to get acquainted to it….I’m sure you can work that out if needed. So, whenever you are to use a work from other such sources, do take care of the copyrights involved. Beware of ‘infringement’ 😉 !!!


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