Week 8 & 9 @wikidata… into analytics

Greetings all ! 🙂

Firstly, apologies for being unable to post about my OPW work through recent weeks. Unavoidable situations kept me engaged. But, I am here now to take you along from where we last stopped.

Week 8
As I introduced you to my proposal of Slideshow tutorials for Wikidata workshops in my last post,  after getting reviews on my ideas, formal work on the first slideshow in the thread started this week. The first slideshow shall aim to provide a basic and clear Introduction to Wikidata, its vision, mission and significance.  The work should serve as a self-learning tool for newbies. Keeping these aspects in mind, which I clearly jotted down at my ideas brainstorming page , I started a formal analysis of existing work while making additions to the page. I surfed across past Wikidata sessions, seminars’ clips available online, some great similar work pieces by Lydia and Helen’s recent work on documentation to gain an idea of what was actually needed to kick start a crystal clear introduction of Wikidata to a complete newbie. I came across many interesting facts about Wikidata along the way as well. The length of the list of things to include in the draft kept increasing, with the quality. It was fun ! 🙂

Besides, to get a better insight into issues faced by newbies when heading into Wikidata editing or usage, I worked my way into Wikidata Project Chat. Facts are best, when presented with concrete stats. So, I did a quick analysis of Wikidata Statictics as well.

This long week of analysis cleared out to me few key points like:

  • Yet persisting a major confusion among the users about the different purposes of Wikidata & Wikipedia. It’s important to make them understand that the two projects assist one another and can coexist.
  • The main vision of Wikidata needs more and clear outreach
  • Outreach about the recently developed Wikidata Guided Tours was needed
  • Making quality contributions is an art. Better help content and tools are needed to ensure that (Hope this presentation when done, serves the purpose)
  • Encouragement for bold views and questions among newbies is needed

Week 9
This week started off with fixing a bug in my script for automated email reminders from social media message calendar. The script was malfunctioning (giving reminders for a day hence or past sometimes) perhaps pertaining to the fact that the spreadsheet for calendar and assisting script developed follow different time-zones; Berlin Time and Indian Standard Time respectively. I could not find out any exact point of error, yet reworking some variable and values rectified it. Hope it keeps working fine.

Next, based on the analysis of last week, I started a rough draft for the first slideshow. I included all the key points into the draft in a basic layout I wished to use. Also, I included some animations and colored backgrounds to make it more appealing.

Further, I started digging through twitter, facebook and other online sources as part of study to start interactive online discussions on social media profiles of Wikidata. Interactive brainstorming, I believe, shall yield a much needed hike in the outreaching for Wikidata and attracting-assisting quality contributors.

And so this is how, this fortnight of analytics came to an end. 🙂



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