Week 10 & 11 @wikidata…getting socially Interactive!

Helloooo Friends!
Hope you’re in the pink of spirits… 🙂

My work for Wikidata is centered around a strong outreach program for this awesome project. Along past 9 weeks, I have worked on several ideas to accomplish this, which fortunately received good responses. Yet, making its social presence actually interactive was yet an unattended idea. So, this was next in my to do list.

Week 10
It started off where it ended last week. Based on analysis of social media sites and other online platforms for ideas to make the social media presence of Wikidata more interactive, I started a wiki page for my ideas (as it goes for most of my work). Keeping a track of ideas really helps a consistent progress and better review simultaneously. I started documenting every idea I came across into the page.
And thus, started off my list of Topics for interactive discussions on social media 🙂

In the weekly meeting with my mentor, I received a good review on the initial draft of slideshow tutorial I was working on and some more points to add to it. Lydia advised me to use open source tools and to try developing the presentation using Libre Office. Further she emphasized the point of keeping the work as simple as possible to understand, as well as edit. I documented all such aspects to be covered in a Trello card to be worked on later.

Helen had been working at the same time on a draft for redesign of the Wikidata main page. As asked, I went through her Portal Redesign draft , and rendered some feedback points which according to me could be worked on. The draft was undoubtedly great though!

Week 11
After a long analysis, work on an initial draft, reviews from mentor, I finally completed the first draft of slideshow tutorial for Introduction to Wikidata. I mainly modified the content to be more user-friendly and simple to understand, the images to be less but quality ones, a bright background and some appealing custom animations. It was now ready for a feedback.

The other interesting task going on was populating the list of topics for interactive discussions on social media with more quality ideas and topics. I added sections to the page each focusing on a different range of topics. Added about 10 topics that could be best to trigger of initial discussions and few for later intermediate discussions.
Besides topics, I documented all ideas I could come up with for using social media profile much more interactively besides regular discussions on decided topics.

Awaited next was the much needed quality review of my mentor…
And dear experts out there! Do render your expert reviews as well on the ideas page if you happen to cross by. I shall be highly obliged. 🙂


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