The journey so far….3 weeks into Wikidata

Hope you are in the pink of spirits, as am I… 🙂

This is my first blog and it takes me hours of thought & a bit of courage to begin with each post. Pardon me for that ! Yet, it’s becoming more of fun with each passing post, and I assure to see you with new stuff more frequently. This acquaintance with blogging shall turn into friendship soon. Courtesy, OPW and Wikidata !

So, today I am here to take you into a 3-minute journey through my 3-weeks with Wikidata in my 3-month internship. Lots of 3’s ? 😀 ….wait a moment, I have a trio too: me, Lydia, Helen. Remember I introduced them to you in my last post ?

After the internship officially triggered off on 21st April, we(my trio) had our first meeting over Google Hangout on 26th April. A significant issue we came across was to synchronize our work along the way and decide over a time for meetings suitable to all three of us, each one in a different time zone: me(IST), Helen(PST), Lydia(Berlin Time).
We had discussions and finally agreed to 16:00 UTC, a common time for our weekly meetings. For work synchronization and tracking, Lydia introduced us to Trello. It’s an extremely handy tool; I shall post about our Trello bond in a later post.

We started off with drafting an introduction to the Wikidata community, which was posted to the community by Lydia. Helen & I were warmly welcomed. My work is centered to Wikidata Outreach, working on plans to improve the profile of Wikidata. It includes enriching its social media profiles, improvement of documentation and tools for new contributors.

My initial task was to create headers for Wikidata social profiles. I prepared an initial draft with a small prototype of each idea for header designs I had and proposed them to Lydia over my meeting over this Google document. I was a bit nervous about presenting my first piece of work, but hopefully Lydia liked the draft. She liked the text-based header and picture-collage idea more & provided tips for improvement (like background colour, snapshots used etc.). Therefore, I proceeded to create the next draft with more headers based on these two ideas and set them to resolution for Facebook and Twitter profiles accordingly. The next obstacle to it was Copyright issues. It’s a long story so better to elaborate it in my next post.. 🙂

The other parallel task I am working on is a social media calendar listing major events throughout the year, possible tweet/post for them and an associated image(if needed). I added two extra columns to the initial spreadsheet prepared by Lydia, ‘Check’ and ‘Related links for verification’. Check to just keep a track of events posted about using this calendar. Related links for verification to list the source of the images used in order to verify the copyrights issues involved. As for now, I am done with preparing calendar events for May, 2014-July, 2014.

For week 3, an interesting task assigned to me by Lydia was to scan the Facebook and Twitter profiles of Wikidata for a list of posts/tweets that generated most interest so far. Through this research, I came across some interesting facts, which are summarized in my report here. Also, I realized how tiring and time-taking task it is to manually browse through each post/tweet and gather statistics. So, I thought for creating a short script for automating the process, though I have zero experience with scripting.. 😀
Anyways, my mentor is cool with me working on it. So, presently I’m learning a bit of scripting for it. It’s a learn while you work process going on. And I am enjoying it… 🙂

So, that was a short summary of my work so far. You can have a better look at my weekly progress report. Shall be back soon with my work progress this week and much more going on along this internship.

Stay connected & do render you quality feedback.

Ever learning,


Finally a Wiki-girl… ;)

Let me come again with a better introduction… 🙂


Hi ! This is Anjali Sharma, an OPW intern for Wikimedia Foundation. I am working on ‘Wikidata Outreach’ initiative for Wikidata, a recent and promising project of Wikimedia Foundation, under  the mentorship of Lydia Pintscher.

Isn’t it thrilling! 😀

I have already entered into three months of awesomeness, with awesome people, awesome work and all the more awesome goals. Lately, I have been so engrossed with the excitement of selection and my OPW work,  that I forgot to blog about it completely. But, rest assured, I’ll take you along in this journey, as promised. Soon, I shall post about the story so far…… So Stay Tuned !! 😉

You can catch up on my weekly progress here. My IRC nick is discoveranjali. My OPW proposal can be glanced at here. I am working in collaboration with Helen Halbert, also an OPW intern for the ‘Wikidata Outreach’ project. Our trio (Me, Helen & Lydia) is splendid………..I’m sure we’ll work out some great stuff together.



Hello World!

Hey ! I’m Anjali ! A very warm welcome to my first ever blog…. to an intellectual journey of my self-discovery, learning and loads of fun… 🙂

I am an IT undergraduate with my first steps into the vast promising arena of Free Open Source Software. As I trigger off my open-source journey, so does my blog !

I dedicate this roller coaster blogging ride to my FOSS experience…riding through my first contributions, through my successful endeavors….through every rise… through every fall and through every way I learn and grow each day. I promise a great ride ahead……so fasten your seat belts firm !! 😉

I’m a newbie…to blogging as well as to Open source world. Thus valuable
feedback from you all experts out there is sincerely and wholeheartedly welcome throughout this ride.

With high hopes to Learn, Act, Achieve, Get and Give………