Week 12 & 13 @wikidata…The Final Touch

Welcome back friends,
Welcome to my last fortnightly reporting post for Wikidata as part of the OPW internship…
Yes, we have reached the end of this beautiful journey today… 😦

But, the end of my association with WIKIDATA is just official. Unofficially, it shall ever go on….  🙂

Week 12
The week started off with the weekly meeting with mentor. I received reviews from her on the current draft of Slideshow tutorial prepared. Some key points she mentioned were:

  • In the Why Should I care? section to include elaborations for:
    1. Wikidata gives “More people more access to more knowledge”  (for instance,                 be being language-independent)
    2. It allows us to build amazing tools that were not possible before because the                      knowledge in Wikipedia wasn’t machine-readable
    3. Examples of small language Wikipedias that suddenly be much more complete                 and up-to-date
  • More concise and clear explanation for Wikidata being Free and a Secondary Database
  • Use of mainly Wikidata logo colours for the highlighting effects

Next, I added more topics to topics for interactive discussions on social media based on suggestions and ideas received from Lydia and Helen.
Also, I created an improved plan layout and few images to assist initial Wikidata discussion topics on its online social profiles

Week 13
This last week of internship started with the first in the thread of interactive online discussions for Wikidata community. I was unclear how to start, so just tried something like this. BTW, What’s you favourite Wikidata item?
Hope the coming up ones are better and receive a better response 😉 …

Next, I finally completed the social media message calendar for December, 2014 and with this completed the calendar for this year. Finally!

Just for ‘experimentational contributions‘ 😉 , I started off with translation of the recently launched Wikidata Tours in Hindi (my native language).

The last and most significant task to complete was the slideshow mentioned previously.
So, based on reviews received, I make several changes to the first draft aiming to make it more simple, clear and concise to be just apt for newbies.
And so it all ended with the completion of this final draft of slideshow ,which is reviewed, and is all set to make it to the Wikidata toolkit for Wikidata workshops. I am sure you’ll get to see it soon.

And with this, ends the beautiful journey into my OPW internship as promised. Hope you had a nice time !

Right now I’m into  Wikimedia’s final wrap-up IRC meeting for GSoC and OPW interns. It feels so good to see so much accomplished in 3 months by so many people

Kudos to all interns!
Best wishes to all young & old intellectuals out there…
Go, try a hand into FOSS, I bet you’ll love it !

Sayonara 😉



Week 10 & 11 @wikidata…getting socially Interactive!

Helloooo Friends!
Hope you’re in the pink of spirits… 🙂

My work for Wikidata is centered around a strong outreach program for this awesome project. Along past 9 weeks, I have worked on several ideas to accomplish this, which fortunately received good responses. Yet, making its social presence actually interactive was yet an unattended idea. So, this was next in my to do list.

Week 10
It started off where it ended last week. Based on analysis of social media sites and other online platforms for ideas to make the social media presence of Wikidata more interactive, I started a wiki page for my ideas (as it goes for most of my work). Keeping a track of ideas really helps a consistent progress and better review simultaneously. I started documenting every idea I came across into the page.
And thus, started off my list of Topics for interactive discussions on social media 🙂

In the weekly meeting with my mentor, I received a good review on the initial draft of slideshow tutorial I was working on and some more points to add to it. Lydia advised me to use open source tools and to try developing the presentation using Libre Office. Further she emphasized the point of keeping the work as simple as possible to understand, as well as edit. I documented all such aspects to be covered in a Trello card to be worked on later.

Helen had been working at the same time on a draft for redesign of the Wikidata main page. As asked, I went through her Portal Redesign draft , and rendered some feedback points which according to me could be worked on. The draft was undoubtedly great though!

Week 11
After a long analysis, work on an initial draft, reviews from mentor, I finally completed the first draft of slideshow tutorial for Introduction to Wikidata. I mainly modified the content to be more user-friendly and simple to understand, the images to be less but quality ones, a bright background and some appealing custom animations. It was now ready for a feedback.

The other interesting task going on was populating the list of topics for interactive discussions on social media with more quality ideas and topics. I added sections to the page each focusing on a different range of topics. Added about 10 topics that could be best to trigger of initial discussions and few for later intermediate discussions.
Besides topics, I documented all ideas I could come up with for using social media profile much more interactively besides regular discussions on decided topics.

Awaited next was the much needed quality review of my mentor…
And dear experts out there! Do render your expert reviews as well on the ideas page if you happen to cross by. I shall be highly obliged. 🙂

Week 6 & 7 @wikidata…Headers finally up!


The headers I had been blurbing about till now are finally up ! 🙂
Go check out the initial set of headers at Wikidata profile on Google+Facebook and Twitter.
Have a look at the complete final draft of headers here. Hope you like them !

Week 6 started off with publishing of headers online including necessary attribution to authors whose awesome works we used for the headers. I edited a few headers for Google+ cover resolution as well. Next, I completed my regular work of media calendar; completing the entries for September, 2014 along with edits to corresponding Wikidata items.



In our weekly meeting, my mentor Lydia told me and Helen about the keynote she is about to give at Wikimania 2014. Lydia had this awesome idea of the keynote involving the human side of the Wikidata project; a highlight of the creative and diverse Wikidata community. What next! we interns also started pouring our ideas in. Soon in the list were creative, funny Selfies from Wikidata community members with a ‘Wikidatish’ touch… 😉

So, we went on to create a draft of announcement for the community, majorly edited by Lydia, seeking selfies. It’s already up on project chat, mailing list and so on. Response coming up is great. Why not check out the Category:Wikidata Selfies for yourselves? Or better yet, add yours. Be a part of this fun-filled endeavor!

Week 7
The next week started with completion of the social media calendar for October,2014. Further, I added more prospective items to the List of Prospective Items for Showcase.

A new task lined up for the week was work on the Slideshow tutorials for Wikidata workshops. I had proposed to do this in our weekly meeting and was approved. So, I triggered off with analysis of all past presentations developed by Lydia as part of conferences, hackathons & other such meetups pertaining to Wikidata. Before beginning work on the actual presentation, I worked on a rough Ideas layout. In our meeting today, I got it reviewed by Lydia and Helen, got some valuable feedback and key points to include. Thus, in coming days I shall be working on the first in the thread of these tutorials.
Hope they are of much help to new & prospective contributors, when done.


Week 4 & 5 @wikidata…fortnight of Experimentation

Time’s just flying away ! As days melt into weeks and weeks slip into months, I already have reached the mid-term of my OPW internship. Something hard to believe !

Starting off with some amazing tasks for Week 6, I would like to take you into past two weeks of my work…..a period full of experimentation. Brace up !

Week 4 started off with the work on the social media calendar for July, 2014. Editing images for events in calendar, to include attribution has become a quick task now. The iterative process I follow for adding each event in the calendar is:

while(! Is_Calendar_complete) {
For each month {
For each date {
Search for a significant event for the day;
Log the event and related post/tweet message into calendar;
Search related Wikidata item;
Edit the item for improvement(if needed);
Integrate it to the event;
Search related image and edit for author attribution;
Log image into calendar;

Next, I proceeded with resolving the Copyright issues for the Wikidata Headers.  All I did as part of it is in my previous post. Also, I explored some available facebook APIs online as part of my study for creating a script to scan the online Wikidata profiles for interest generating topics and statistics.

Week 5 was a lot of activity. I firstly, as predefined, completed the social media calendar for August, 2014. Along the way, I witnessed a contradiction on Wikipedia pertaining to the date of birth of John Logie Baird and commented on the talk page.

Next, a task assigned was to make some plan to help pushing Wikidata items t0 Showcase status. So, I started a spreadsheet to keep track of prospective Showcase items. It lists items with the Showcase status of their associated Wikidata page. This can be used to track items and post/tweet/blog about them to attract contributors interested to help them ‘Showcase’. You can have a look at first of such use here.

Hey! Did I mention I run a facebook group for ‘Wikidata outreach’ targeted to college youth? Yes I do. It’s Wikidata Creds…title suggested by one of its members 🙂
So, I regularly post about Wikidata stuff there as well, besides my weekly tasks. Do render your feedback if you pass by!

While Wiki Loves Pride 2014 goes all around the world, Wikidata extends its warm support to the initiative as well. A LGBT Task force was created by the community members. I and Helen readily added ourselves to be a part of it 🙂 … and I added it to the Status updates of Wikidata for the week.

The experimentation I referred to is concentrated here…I created my first script ! 🙂
I was lurking around my media calendar wondering if I could automate the reminders to my mentor for posting from the calendar for each event logged there. Just a bit of Googling and I got a great reference. What next ! In an hour I was ready with my own script:

function checkReminders() {
var spreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
var sheet = spreadsheet.getActiveSheet();
var lastRow = sheet.getLastRow();
var startRow = 2;

// grab column 7 (the 'Days left' column)
var range = sheet.getRange(2,7,lastRow-startRow+1,1);
var numRows = range.getNumRows();
var days_left_values = range.getValues();

// Store the 'Special Occurrence' column
range = sheet.getRange(2, 3, lastRow-startRow+1, 1);
var event_info_values = range.getValues();

var range_post = sheet.getRange(2,4,lastRow-startRow+1,1);
var event_post_msg = range_post.getValues();

var range_image = sheet.getRange(2,5,lastRow-startRow+1,1);
var event_image = range_image.getValues();

var warning_count = 0;
var msg = "Hey Lydia :)\n";
msg = msg + "This is Anjali's Automated Email Reminder Script !\n\n\n";
msg = msg + "Event Details (for today):\n\n";

// Loop over the days left values
for (var i = 0; i <= numRows-1; i++) {
var days_left = days_left_values[i][0];
var event_name = event_info_values[i][0];
var event_msg = event_post_msg[i][0];
var image = event_image[i][0];

if( event_name != "" && days_left == 0) {
// if it's a non-empty event for today, send reminder
msg = msg + "Event: \'" + event_name +"\'";
msg += "\n\nMessage:\n" + event_msg;

if(image != "") {
msg += "\n\nImage: "+image;
msg += "\n\nThanks";

if(warning_count) {
"Reminder from Social Media Calendar", msg);

As for now, the script is integrated into my social media calendar and my mentor Lydia gets email reminders for each day which has an event due.
Feeling great to experience how simple and awesome the technology can be ! 🙂


The journey so far….3 weeks into Wikidata

Hope you are in the pink of spirits, as am I… 🙂

This is my first blog and it takes me hours of thought & a bit of courage to begin with each post. Pardon me for that ! Yet, it’s becoming more of fun with each passing post, and I assure to see you with new stuff more frequently. This acquaintance with blogging shall turn into friendship soon. Courtesy, OPW and Wikidata !

So, today I am here to take you into a 3-minute journey through my 3-weeks with Wikidata in my 3-month internship. Lots of 3’s ? 😀 ….wait a moment, I have a trio too: me, Lydia, Helen. Remember I introduced them to you in my last post ?

After the internship officially triggered off on 21st April, we(my trio) had our first meeting over Google Hangout on 26th April. A significant issue we came across was to synchronize our work along the way and decide over a time for meetings suitable to all three of us, each one in a different time zone: me(IST), Helen(PST), Lydia(Berlin Time).
We had discussions and finally agreed to 16:00 UTC, a common time for our weekly meetings. For work synchronization and tracking, Lydia introduced us to Trello. It’s an extremely handy tool; I shall post about our Trello bond in a later post.

We started off with drafting an introduction to the Wikidata community, which was posted to the community by Lydia. Helen & I were warmly welcomed. My work is centered to Wikidata Outreach, working on plans to improve the profile of Wikidata. It includes enriching its social media profiles, improvement of documentation and tools for new contributors.

My initial task was to create headers for Wikidata social profiles. I prepared an initial draft with a small prototype of each idea for header designs I had and proposed them to Lydia over my meeting over this Google document. I was a bit nervous about presenting my first piece of work, but hopefully Lydia liked the draft. She liked the text-based header and picture-collage idea more & provided tips for improvement (like background colour, snapshots used etc.). Therefore, I proceeded to create the next draft with more headers based on these two ideas and set them to resolution for Facebook and Twitter profiles accordingly. The next obstacle to it was Copyright issues. It’s a long story so better to elaborate it in my next post.. 🙂

The other parallel task I am working on is a social media calendar listing major events throughout the year, possible tweet/post for them and an associated image(if needed). I added two extra columns to the initial spreadsheet prepared by Lydia, ‘Check’ and ‘Related links for verification’. Check to just keep a track of events posted about using this calendar. Related links for verification to list the source of the images used in order to verify the copyrights issues involved. As for now, I am done with preparing calendar events for May, 2014-July, 2014.

For week 3, an interesting task assigned to me by Lydia was to scan the Facebook and Twitter profiles of Wikidata for a list of posts/tweets that generated most interest so far. Through this research, I came across some interesting facts, which are summarized in my report here. Also, I realized how tiring and time-taking task it is to manually browse through each post/tweet and gather statistics. So, I thought for creating a short script for automating the process, though I have zero experience with scripting.. 😀
Anyways, my mentor is cool with me working on it. So, presently I’m learning a bit of scripting for it. It’s a learn while you work process going on. And I am enjoying it… 🙂

So, that was a short summary of my work so far. You can have a better look at my weekly progress report. Shall be back soon with my work progress this week and much more going on along this internship.

Stay connected & do render you quality feedback.

Ever learning,

Finally a Wiki-girl… ;)

Let me come again with a better introduction… 🙂


Hi ! This is Anjali Sharma, an OPW intern for Wikimedia Foundation. I am working on ‘Wikidata Outreach’ initiative for Wikidata, a recent and promising project of Wikimedia Foundation, under  the mentorship of Lydia Pintscher.

Isn’t it thrilling! 😀

I have already entered into three months of awesomeness, with awesome people, awesome work and all the more awesome goals. Lately, I have been so engrossed with the excitement of selection and my OPW work,  that I forgot to blog about it completely. But, rest assured, I’ll take you along in this journey, as promised. Soon, I shall post about the story so far…… So Stay Tuned !! 😉

You can catch up on my weekly progress here. My IRC nick is discoveranjali. My OPW proposal can be glanced at here. I am working in collaboration with Helen Halbert, also an OPW intern for the ‘Wikidata Outreach’ project. Our trio (Me, Helen & Lydia) is splendid………..I’m sure we’ll work out some great stuff together.